Election blues

Like everyone else in America, I got swept up in the election last night, after resisting it over the preceding weeks and months. I used cynicism as my defense mechanism – the candidates are basically the same, pandering for votes, not trustworthy, controlled by evil geniuses behind the scenes, etc. I have long held the view that the system is broken, so I try to convince myself to enjoy the drama the same way I would relish a Yankees-Red Sox baseball game of maybe a reality TV show.

But the self-delusion never really works. I guess at the heart of it I really do believe there is something under all the propaganda, wheeling, dealing, and positioning that matters. The rules of society matter. Personal liberty matters. It’s just that this stuff gets lost in the jumbled mess that is two-party politics.

So the big election of 2012 is over and I am depressed about the status quo. Not depressed about the individual winners and losers, mind you, but about the system as a whole. It seems like we should be able to do better.

With that, I will share my crazy thought of the day: I want to use technology and the internet to disrupt American politics.


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